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Mario flash 2

Adaptación libre de mario con bastantes niveles.

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El comecocos de toda la vida.

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Panda Jet

Ayuda al panda a llegar lo mas lejos posible, con el dinero que consigas modifica su equipo para mejorarlo

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Test de inteligencia

Aunque no es un juego en si esta bien para pasar el rato y competir con algún amigo.

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Pathologic stretch goals tease a trip to the “Termitary and Abattoir”

The Kickstarter for the Pathologic remake is going well enough that developer Ice-Pick Lodge now feels comfortable adding a few stretch goals. Each of them will allow the team to deepen the experience by expanding existing areas or adding brand new ones, some of which promise to lead to some very bizarre places.

Despite Pathologic’s infamous oddness, the update announcing the stretch goals is almost disappointingly normal. “As is stated in ‘Risks and Challenges,’ we do have investments that would allow us to make Pathologic in any case, and this whole Kickstarter is like a huge stretch goal for us. The pitch says the money we ask for is what we need to make a perfect game, and that’s true,” the studio wrote. “Still, we have more ideas that we believe will fit Pathologic. They’re mostly non-essential, but Pathologic is a game about different points of view—and these ideas would allow us to bring even more angles to look at the events of the game from.”

The new goals start at $ 300,000 for “The Town Extended,” which will add more content to the town in which the game is based, and go all the way up to $ 500,000 for “A Small Prequel,” planned as a single-day story that will outline some of the events that led up to the game. Despite being a stretch goal, the studio said the prequel won’t be Kickstarter-exclusive, nor will it feature the playable characters from the main game. “The whole point of the prequel is to show you the things that the main trio would never be able to see and learn,” it wrote. “But you will.”

With 17 days left on the clock, the Pathologic Kickstarter has brought in roughly $ 220,000, putting it well on its way to the $ 250,000 goal. The campaign comes to an end on October 7.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel exhaustively explained in nine-minute trailer

Before watching this trailer, all I knew about Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was a) it was more Borderlands, b) it was set on the moon, and c) it had a silly name. Now, I feel like I know everything about it—mostly because an excitable man spent the last nine minutes shouting at me.

The trailer covers the new features, protagonists, and monsters of the game, as explained by returning characters Sir Hammerlock and TORGUE. It is a funny video that repeatedly made me laugh. Your own experience may vary.

It is still very much a Borderlands game—despite the added Butt Slam. As someone yet to finish Borderlands 2 and its many DLCs, I don’t think I’m in need of a new chunk just yet. If you are, check out Tom’s hands-on report for more details.

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Firefall patch 1.1 now live, brings new weapons, elemental damage

Firefall? More like Biofall. Er, by which I mean the newly released Firefall patch adds elemental weapon modifiers, letting your guns rain down biological as well as thermal destruction. There’s electricity, plasma and laser types, too, but Electrofall doesn’t really work. It’s a massive update, and a new video runs down just some of what it includes.

In addition, the world is being populated with more events and encounters. New dynamic events will bring Chosen death squads and “loot piñatas”, and the Kanaloa the Destroyer boss has been upgraded for a new “hard mode” instance. There’s also a new live event. In Codename: Crossfire, Chosen will spawn around the world to be taken down for new achievements and rewards.

You can see the full patch rundown here. It’s a big list, but then, Firefall was a game in need of a lot of changes. As I explained in the review, it’s a game that sits awkwardly between MMO and shooter. There’s little that couldn’t be improved, though, and so it’s good to see that major changes are happening.

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Left 4 Dead 2 patch grants Australians access to uncensored version

When Valve resubmitted Left 4 Dead 2 for classification in Australia earlier this month, many wondered whether the company had plans to re-release the game. Well, anything is possible, but in the meantime if you own the censored version of Left 4 Dead 2 a free patch is now available on Steam which will grant you access to all the gratuitous violence you’ve been deprived of.

It’s good news for Australians, as until now we’ve had to jump through hoops in order to play the unedited version. Originally denied classification in 2010 due to its extreme violence, the game was resubmitted for classification following the introduction of an R18+ rating back in early 2013. The patch can be accessed via the Left 4 Dead 2 Steam page over here in the ‘downloadable content’ section.

To make matters better, if you’ve never played the game before then it’s currently available with a 75 per cent discount, which is nice. There’s never been a better time to hack zombies to death with wrenches.

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