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Mario flash 2

Adaptación libre de mario con bastantes niveles.

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El comecocos de toda la vida.

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Panda Jet

Ayuda al panda a llegar lo mas lejos posible, con el dinero que consigas modifica su equipo para mejorarlo

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Test de inteligencia

Aunque no es un juego en si esta bien para pasar el rato y competir con algún amigo.

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Tropico 5 pre-orders now available for swag-filled physical, discounted digital versions

You know that a publisher has faith in its game when it starts offering special editions with silly bonuses. You may think of the Tropico games as a niche PC series, but this recently announced Tropico 5 Limited Special Edition argues otherwise. It’s not quite as silly as, for example, Wolfenstein: The New Order Panzerhund Edition that includes everything but the actual game, but it tries.

If you pre-order a physical copy of The Tropico 5 Limited Special Edition you’ll get a “snazzy” avatar costume for your El Presidente. Kalypso neglected to mention any further details about it, so for now we’ll have to let our imaginations run wild with the “snazzy” adjective. The actually substantive addition here is another map for the game’s sandbox mode called Bayo del Olfato (“Bay of Smell?” “The Smelly Bay?”). Finally, it wouldn’t be a special edition without some physical swag, so it also includes an authentic Tropico passport.

If you’re going digital, you can pre-purchase the game from Steam with a 10 percent discount, which will also get you the Businessman avatar custom and the Isla de Vapor sandbox map.

If getting the best deal right now is all you care about, you can get Tropico 5 from the Kalypso Launcher for a 15 percent discount, but keep in mind it won’t have any Steamworks features. All of the versions will be available on the game’s release date, May 23.

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How I got my GTX 750 Ti running silently with an old cooler and some simple surgery

I’ve spent a lot of time recently playing around with some old hardware to see if any old parts still have use. Thanks to a mixture of Nvidia’s latest Maxwell GPU, in GTX 750 Ti reference form, and an expired Sapphire HD 6670 Ultimate I found something very good indeed: an efficient, relatively powerful, silent gaming graphics card.

One of the best things about the new 28nm Maxwell GPU, GM107, is that as well as being incredibly low-power for the sort of gaming performance it can generate, it runs cool. The reference board I received at launch will happily push 100% GPU load and not saunter past 54ºC. Compared with the competing AMD R7 260X running up to 83ºC, that’s very cool indeed.

That’s all well and good with a whirring active air-cooler strapped to the top of the GPU, but if it’s so chilled what about passive-cooling? At the moment there aren’t any passively-cooled GTX 750 Ti cards on the market, which is a serious shame as, a quick switch of chip-chiller with the aforementioned Sapphire HD 6670 Ultimate later, I was able to fashion my very own.

Thankfully the Sapphire cooler fits snugly on the Nvidia reference board, which meant I had no extra drilling to do on my precious GTX 750 Ti circuit board. All it needed was a little thermal paste and some work with a screwdriver. With the passive Sapphire cooler in-place the GTX 750 Ti was running considerably hotter than with the more-traditional active air-cooler atop it. But still, it was just bouncing around the 80ºC point and didn’t even threaten to throttle back the GPU in-game.

I was able to get the exact same benchmark figures as I previously squeezed out of the card with the reference cooler whirring on top of it, but this time it was absolutely silent. Combine that silent running with the fact that the reference card needs no external PCIe power connectors and I’ve found myself with quite an exceptional gaming card for my little lounge PC. A traditional word of warning before the screwdrivers come out, messing with your setup can void a card’s warranty, and hotter-than-intended (albeit silent) running might shorten the lifespan of a card.

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World of Tanks update 9.0 out now, adds HD tanks, reworked maps and historical battles

A new update for World of Tanks is now available worldwide. Patch 9.0, named New Frontiers, is the first step in Wargaming’s plan to massively overhaul the game. The update introduces new “high definition” models and textures for ten of the game’s tanks. For now, those deadly machines get to lord it over their foes as the prettiest tanks in all the land. It’s like Cinderella. With tanks.

In addition to their visual upgrade, tanks will get slightly altered physics. Suspension has been altered, for more realistic handling, and separately modelled sections mean that, upon destruction, turrets can detach from the main body of each HD tank. Maps are also getting an overhaul, as detailed in this Wargaming blog post.

Update 9.0 also introduces Historical Battles, giving players accurately kitted-out tanks in a specific selection of nation-versus-nation battles. With this update, Wargaming have recreated The Battle of Kursk, Operation Spring Awakening and The Battle of the Bulge. You can find out more about the mode in Wargaming’s latest video:

World of Tanks’ New Frontiers patch is out now.

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Dark Souls 2: Prepare to Die on PC

Praise the sun! Dark Souls 2 is finally coming to PC on April 25, and PC Gamer has everything you need to get ready. Every day between now and next Friday, we’re giving you the best tips to survive, video of our favorite deaths, impressions on the game’s new graphics and control settings, and in-depth technical analysis from Durante, the modder who fixed Dark Souls on PC. Two weeks of Dark Souls, all leading up to our review on April 25.

Check this hub daily as we fill in everything you need to know about Dark Souls 2 on PC.

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